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Fine fragrance isn't just for skin, right? Perfume the room & scent your space with fragrance diffusers and room sprays from the best indie perfume & niche fragrance brands. 

Incensamente Fragrance Diffuser By Laboratorio Olfattivo 200ml Fragrance Diffuser 5 black fiber sticks upright in a squat, apothecary style amber glass bottle with a black band around the neck; resembles a bouquet of reeds in a small vase
Incensamente Fragrance Diffuser
Cool/warm contrast with frankincense and elemi
Laboratorio Olfattivo
$ 84.00
Image of Bon Parfumeur's Home Fragrance Diffuser 03 with clear glass bottle, white paper label, black sticks and white paper outer box with deep red top
Stylized image of Bon Parfumeur's Home Fragrance Diffuser 03 with tonka bean pods
Home Fragrance Diffuser 03: Patchouli, Leather & Tonka Bean
Deep ambery woods for warm afternoons of me-time
Bon Parfumeur
Regular price $ 76.00 Sale price$ 54.00