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BORNTOSTANDOUT® is an exciting new niche fragrance brand from Seoul, South Korea with an addictive collection of smooth, slinky unisex perfumes. The brand was birthed from the heart and soul of founder and creative director Jun Lim, a self-proclaimed fragrance nerd and free-spirited bohemian who escaped the prescriptive world of finance to pursue his creative, rule-breaking aesthetic dreams. The BTSO fragrances and branding intentionally push the boundaries of conformist culture, while paying tribute to Korea's aesthetic traditions.

Read our 2023 interview with Jun Lim.

Smokin' Gun by BORNTOSTANDOUT 50ml Eau de Parfum in a matte porcelain-white bottle with BORNTOSTANDOUT® in black and Smokin' Gun in crimson red uppercase bold typeface. Bottle is flared rectangular shape, with a flared, faceted, flat top.
BTSO Smokin' Gun - Packaging for BORNTOSTANDOUT Smokin' Gun 50ml Eau de Parfum. BORNTOSTANDOUT Smokin' Gun is printed in white uppercase sans-serif type on front of BTSO signature red box box and BORNTOSTANDOUT is printed in large white uppercase sans-serif type on back of box
Smokin' Gun
Smoky woods, incense and handsome tobacco
Samples out of stock.
$ 5.00 - $ 185.00