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Breakfast Leipzig Candle by DS&Durga
Breakfast Leipzig Candle
Strong coffee, buttery almond pastries & tobacco
DS & Durga
$ 70.00
Image of 100ml Eau de Toilette
Image of 1.5ml Spray Sample
Leather Man Cologne
Dame Perfumery
$ 5.00 - $ 65.00
Tauer Data Miner Soap By Tauer Perfumes 100g Bath Soap in a black and tan cardboard box, with a vintage aesthetic.
Tauer Data Miner Soap
Tauer Perfumes
$ 20.00
Image of Liquid Soap
Band of Outlaws Hand & Body Soap
West Third Brand
$ 45.00
Image of Box of 3: Mixed
Fzotic Box Set: Three Soaps
Charming gift box of three unique soaps
$ 30.00
Image of Body Cream
Band of Outlaws Hand & Body Lotion
West Third Brand
$ 48.00
Image of Black
Image of White
Venice Candle
Guy Fox
$ 28.00
Sold Out
Band of Outlaws Bar Soap
West Third Brand
$ 20.00
Image of Trudon's Ernesto classic 9.5 oz candle with dark green glass, alabaster-white wax and gold foil label in the shape of a heraldic shield
Image of Trudon's Ernesto classic 9.5 oz candle with hard outer box made of light blue paper
Vintage Havana with tobacco, leather and wood
$ 52.00 - $ 125.00