Quick Chat: Imaginary Authors' Josh Meyer on Fox in the Flowerbed.

As always, we're excited about releases from Imaginary Authors so we did a quick check-in with charming Portland perfumer, Josh Meyer, to learn a bit more about his latest scent, Fox in the Flowerbed.

Q. What was the olfactory inspiration behind Fox in the Flowerbed?

A. I've been working on this jasmine/tulip/incense/pepper thing for an incredibly long time... perhaps for the last 7 years I've had this concept running around. Sometimes there was a big rose addition, I did a batch with melon in the early years before I incorporated the melon accord into whispered myths. At one point, it was a black pepper dominant concept. 

And then the click happened when I felt like this white floral could be what it was — a pretty straightforward super wearable floral and still really unique, but not trying too hard... and the honey accord really helped pull it together and make it something new that feels like you've smelled it in a different life. It's so easy and simple, but it took a long time to get there. 

Q. The concept has an optimistic, almost innocent tone (the children's book theme of fairy tales and connection to nature). Was there a particular feeling you were trying to evoke?

A. Yes, exactly... the scent is really nice and pleasing and fun. We want the story to tell you that. 

Q. Any specific interesting raw materials used in Fox in the Flowerbed that you can tell us about?

A. I spent a long time with this one making each of the accords work together. All of the notes are pretty simple, but the accords that I made for each note listed really make this fragrance something special in my mind. I want it to be familiar but still wildly unique to anything on the market right now. 

Q. If Fox in the Flowerbed had a theme song, what would it be?

A. 1960's Laurel Canyon vibes Mama's & the Papa's, Stone Poneys, Byrds, Joni Mitchell radio. A strong feminine presence, good will, fun & collaboration and love vibes all around encapsulate that scene and this perfume — not to mention jasmine is everywhere there! 

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