Checking in with Chris Collins about his latest releases for the Anima Collection.

The newest series from superb Harlem-based fragrance house World of Chris Collins has arrived. Citrus Grandis and The Long Kiss Goodnight are the first two releases in the Anima Collection. Fresher and fruitier than the brand's previous releases, these new additions are lusciously wearable eau de parfums with broad appeal and excellent performance.

It's always a treat to talk to the brilliant founder, creative director and taste-maker, Chris Collins. We checked in with Chris for a quick chat about this new fragrance series, and here's what he had to say...

Q. You've said that the Anima collection "draws inspiration from all that's hidden in each person." Please tell us more...

A. The Anima is considered the individual’s true inner self. It is who we truly are deep down in our souls. Without judgement. Jung’s theory of the Anima is the unconscious feminine side of a man. It is where we draw our sensitivity and, our compassion. This inspired me to create a collection of fragrances that were sexually ambiguous. The fragrances in this collection lean less masculine than my others. They are more solar, more floral, more fruity and of course, more citrusy.

Q. How do you come up with such unique gourmand combinations, like the coffee beans with passion fruit and pink saffron at the top of Long Kiss Goodnight? 

A. When I’m creating a fragrances I’m always looking to combine notes that are unimaginable. It’s my responsibility as a fragrance designer in the niche category to surprise my audience with uniquely designed fragrances.  Long Kiss Goodnight is mysterious, yet approachable. The burst of bright tropical fruit intermingling with bittersweet coffee bean brings this fragrance to life.

Q. Please describe the vibe of Citrus Grandis and Long Kiss Goodnight in 5 words each. 

Citrus Grandis: Sparkling, Sunny, Perceptive, Citrus, Fresh

Long Kiss Goodnight: Warm, Dreamy, Romantic, Floral, Woody.

Q. How has the World of Chris Collins evolved over the past year? 

A. In 2022 we launched our 12th fragrance. It’s amazing to see how far my brand has come in the last four years. My brand’s DNA remains constant though. Deep, exotic, alluring scents, all created with an art of storytelling.

Q. On a completely different topic, we love that you and your wife are active in rescuing dogs. Is there a message about this you'd like to get out to our community? 

A. YES! Save, foster, rescue, support and love ALL dogs. The loyalty and love you receive back from them is tenfold. 

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