The Herbalist

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A collaboration between Heretic and cannabis brand Drew Martin, The Herbalist combines calming CBD, soothing hinoki wood, vetiver and lavender absolute in a 10ml oil-based rollerball.

Douglas Little, founder of Heretic Parfum, and Drew Martin, founder of the eponymous line of cannabis and botanical pre-rolls, are kindred spirits bonded by a shared belief that plants are magic. The two brands came together to create The Herbalist, a functional fragrance designed to enhance the wearer’s wellbeing. The calming effects of hemp-derived CBD are amplified by the soothing aromatherapy benefits of hinoki wood, vetiver, and lavender absolute in this plant-based perfume blended in hemp seed oil.

“As you immerse yourself in this expertly layered natural scent, our hope is that you experience a profound and intoxicatingly exquisite connection with the ancient practice of harnessing the goodness of plants, which for us is at the heart of everything we do." – Douglas Little

Each 10mL bottle of The Herbalist contains 100mg CBD. It is a blend of safe synthetic and natural ingredients, and is vegan/cruelty-free.

Notes: lemon, lavender, cedar, hemp, hinoki, vetiver, Ambrettolide, frankincense and violet leaf.

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