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We've been showcasing Sarah Horowitz-Thran's eponymous California brand since we first opened, and her sunny and sensual fragrances continue to be top sellers in the shop. Sample the four most popular scents across her collections with our curated sample set. While definitely unique, we consider each of the perfumes in this set to be "skin scents" — intimate, smooth and sexy.

Hereafter: Blood orange melts into creamy sandalwood and amber. An instant hit from Sarah's newest collection, Evolution.

The Now: Soft white tea and oceanic musk, brightened with fresh cut grass, fig and neroli. Like fresh linens drying on the line.

Perfect Vanilla: A blend of five delicious vanillas with hints of amber and citrus. Youthful and beachy, good mood in a bottle.

Perfect Veil: Warm and transparent, capturing the scent of clean, naked skin. Powdery musk and vanilla with lemon, bergamot and sandalwood. The #1 seller for SHP.

The Sarah Horowitz Parfums Sample Set includes 4 x 1.5ml spray samples.

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