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This limited edition scent was the result of a Rook scent experiment exploring the scents of school, combining crowd-sourced memories of these smells and perfumer Dr. Nadeem Crowe's own olfactory recollections of a school day in Lincolnshire, UK. Only 100 bottles were made.

Imagine arriving on a crisp morning via a tree-lined street, to the faint waft of coffee escaping from the teacher's lounge. The squeak of shoes on the concrete floor as you scramble to your first class. Then the classroom, with its pencils and books — we even pick out a hint of the much-used pencil eraser.

Notes: cold air, trees and moss, concrete floors, sacred olibanum, rubber plimsolls, new books, coffee, pencil shavings and graffitied desks.

Read our fascinating interview with Dr. Crowe from 2020. 

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