Scent No. 30 Hay Incense

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Scent No. 30 Hay Incense – From inside an incense filled private confessional, hopes of forgiveness are smothered by plumes of smoke that flick with discipline. Amplified by birch leaf, the incense is sharp and focused. Yet the memory of the familiar scent of hay dampened by warm bodies consumes him. The natural and free spirited hay teases and taunts, dancing between the plumes of guilt. A golden trace of immortelle creeps in beckoning him toward the light of acceptance. Without hesitation he rides to sin again in the damp hay under an indulgent sun.

The scent is warm, slightly wet, familiar, and round with a faint memory of discipline. Worn shamelessly by saints and sinners alike.

Made in small batches by perfumer Dannielle Sergent in San Francisco.

Notes: hay, incense, birch leaf, immortelle, benzoin, oakwood, leather, lavender, labdanum and vetiver.

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