Rockaway Beach (Limited Edition)

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Rockaway Beach by DS & Durga takes "beachy" to a whole new level. This limited edition aquatic escapes the city heat with a trip out to seaweed-strewn New York beaches. More tidal than a mainstream marine fragrance, breathe in the scent of coastal nature and summer-warmed skin. And try to get that endlessly lovable classic Ramones song out of your head, we dare you...

From D.S. & Durga
Sunscreen, salt-on-skin, the ocean air on the coast of Queens, where privet hedge flowers blaze beside pastel condos.

From David Moltz AKA D.S.
NYC, in the late seventies was a magic time for music. Everywhere kids thrashed out jams of teenage angst, none more catchy than the Ramones. You could make a quick song about the simple joys of life – escaping to the beach from the dirty dungeon of humid summer in New York. I grew up by the beach and spent every day there in the summer. The scent in the air and on your skin after a dip in the water will always be home to me.

David Seth Moltz (D.S.)

ocean air, sun tan lotion, salt, flowering privet, skin musk, hedges

2023 Limited Edition. 100% vegan, never tested on animals (other than the humans that work at D.S. & Durga!) and paraben/phthalate free.

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