Purple Suede

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Goldfield & Banks' Purple Suede is a contemporary and unexpected take on lavender and leather.

It is a perfume of smooth woods, peppery spices, luxurious suede and aromatic Australian lavender – an ode to the pristine quality of Tasmanian lavender from the renown Australian island. It has a distinctively rich and dry sillage. 

Spotlight on Tasmanian lavender – a French affair. Introduced in the early days of the twentieth century and coming to thrive in the pristine environment of its newfound Australian terroir, Tasmania’s lavender is a cultivar of the highly fragrant Lavandula angustifolia species. Grown for centuries in France, this species is a grey-green shrub renowned for its mass of soft purple and violet flower spears that give off an intensely fragrant and unusually sweet and pure perfume. 

Concentration: Perfume/parfum extrait

Perfumer: Ilias Ermenidis

Notes: Tasmanian lavender, pink pepper, hyssop flower, Tasmanian leatherwood, patchouli, oakmoss, amber, civet (vegan reconstitution), oud

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