Palermo Violet Ambient Spray

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Palermo Violet Ambient Spray is a new room spray by Spyros Drosopoulos of Baruti in partnership with The Red List Project, with the goal of sharing rare scents of plants on the verge of extinction. 100% of our sales proceeds go to the Red List Project, which you can read more about at We are big fans of the organization and its founder, Peggy Fiedler, who we think of as the Jane Goodall of plants.

This fragrance is our store favorite, and features the Palermo violet (Viola ucriana). Restricted to the Italian island of Sicily, it's an IUCN Critically Endangered species with only a small remaining population on the slopes of Mt. Pizzuta in the Serra della Pizzuta Nature Reserve. This delicate violet bears yellow flowers with purple striations and is lightly scented. After studying the Palermo violet in the wild, Spyros reconstructed its scent in his laboratory in the Netherlands.

PALERMO VIOLET brings together a mixture of herbs from the mountains of Sicily, along with precious violets, embedded in a lush and baroque-style powdery base. 

This unique, hand-blended fragrance was designed to bring compelling scent safely and sustainably into your home.

500ml/16.9oz black glass bottle with trigger spray.

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