Nick's Picks: Cozy Cottage Sample Set

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Sorry to say Nick's limited edition sample set sold out in just a couple of hours. Please stay tuned for our next curated set and thanks for your interest in these discovery collections. 😊

Limited edition. Our fantastic fragrance specialist, Nick, has selected five perfect fall scents for the coming season. Try 5 x 1.5ml spray samples of these elegantly cozy unisex perfumes. Here's how Nick describes these warm and wonderful beauties:

Burvuvu: "Wandering in the woods, falling asleep next to a stream. You wake up in the dappled sunlight with your face in the dirt. You smell the forest floor, and feel as if you're rooted and growing alongside the moss and mushrooms."

Chipmunk: "You're reading in a little cottage in the woods with a steaming cup of tea cooling on the windowsill. Plans of pouring in the cream are forgotten as the sun streams in, you relax as the scent of old books and warm wood drifts through the room."

Oud in Boubon: "It's the end of the night after the first feast with friends in far too long. The smell of bourbon lingers in the air as the for-guests-only chocolates and coffee are served. One by one, we meander off to bed with rosy cheeks and full bellies."

Pale Fire: "With the months growing colder, you pull out an old sweater and are taken back to last fall. Sap seeps from fresh firewood, bringing memories of escaping the cold autumn air to be welcomed by the warmth inside."

Umma Gumma: "Preparing for a perfect night at home alone. Fancy chocolate liqueur is placed on an old antique table. As you drift to sleep, you rest your head on the arm of the sofa, with the scent of mahogany wood lingering in the air."

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