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Montecristo by Masque Milano transports you to a fireplace-lit room in an old Italian villa. Wood floors, a worn leather couch and the waft of a hand rolled cigar.

From Masque Milano:

In the living room of an old villa, in the Tuscan countryside.
It is the close of day.

Act I Scene II

Every single element of the interior contributes to the warmth and reassuring comfort. The floor of old robust wood planks, aged and worn with the use. In the massive fireplace, coals are still burning. The comfortable couch is made of the best leather, once stout and rigid, and spotlessly tanned, is now soft and worn, and the color is fading away. A deck of used playing cards abandoned on the coffee table. The tobacco leaves of the hand rolled cigar. A glass of rum.

Perfumer: Delphine Thierry

Notes: cabreuva, ambrette seeds, rum, tobacco leaves, celery seeds, cistus, benzoin, golden stone, styrax gum, gaiac wood, cedar wood, patchouli


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