Mihan Aromatics Discovery Set (2022)

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Explore the full collection of Mihan Aromatics with their Discovery Set. It includes generous 2ml spray vials of Guilty Story, Kirra Curl, Mikado Bark, Munlark Ash, Petrichor Plains and Sienna Brume.

Guilty Story: Richly rubbery, stubbornly unattainable yet strangely inviting. Citrus and saffron, guaiacwood and vanilla, Australian sandalwood, musk and amber.

Kirra Curl: An homage to Kirra Beach on Australia's Gold Coast. Salt-crusted towels, sand-dusted board wax and a world-renown surf break. Sea salt, lemon rind, surf wax and Australian woods.

Mikado Bark: A mountainous stack of paper and books, dense cedar and a hint of dry oil paint achieved by a blend of cinnamon, Australian sandalwood, Cedramber, oud and pepper.

Munlark Ash: Deep roots in undisturbed, creek-lined land. Crushed fir needles and a balsam of blue cypress and tree sap. Evergreen botanicals with deep incense, labdanum and vetiver.

Petrichor Plains: Drenched in rain, an invigoration of wood and earth, asphalt and ash. Buddhawood and nagarmotha are freshened with bergamot, cardamom and rosemary.

Sienna Brume: An irresistible blend of soft fig-like coconut, subtle salty sea air, magazine paper and fresh cucumber — a listless poolside day spent dreaming. Collection top seller.

All fragrances are at 25% concentration in organic sugarcane alcohol. Mihan Aromatics™ scents are designed and developed, hand filled and assembled in Melbourne, Australia. They are cruelty free and vegan certified.

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