Love Kills

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Love Kills by Masque Milano is all about rose, real rose, freshened with geranium and warmed with patchouli, cedar and musk.

From Masque Milano:

The rose of love is in full bloom.

What could depict the feeling of a lover, but the vibrant scent of a scarlet flower? 

But, more-often-than-not, love might have a tragic end. The rose of love has dried down. Just one night has passed, and it feels like a thousand years. Crush the dried-down rose in your hands: You will get nothing but dust and a beautiful, melancholic memory of how sweet this swiftly fading romance has been.

Perfumer: Caroline Dumur

Notes: lychee, rose oxide, ambrette, Egyptian geranium, Turkish rose, green notes, patchouli, ambrarome, immortelle, cedar, vegan musk

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