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Landscape Scents Sample Set

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An olfactory journey, from the humid forests of the Albera Massif and the Salines Mountains, following the Muga River across the plain to its mouth in the Gulf of Roses and the coves of Cap de Creus coastline.

LANDSCAPE SCENTS are Bravanariz's personal interpretation of the three most characteristic landscapes of the Empordà region of Spain: mountains, plains and seacoasts. In each case, Ernesto Collado formulates the scent using only the plants that give each place its characteristic fragrance, as well as the associations and emotions it awakens.

Description: This set contains three 2ml spray samples, containing each of the Landscape Scents (BOSC, MUGA and CALA). This is a great way to take a deep dive into the olfactory essence of the Empordà region of Spain, and discover which interpretation of the landscape best suits you. It is also the perfect gift to introduce others to this beautiful region through fragrance.

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