Nun Hair Mist

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The Nun Hair Mist by Laboratorio Olfattivo is super-light and leaves your hair smelling great all day. The scent pays tribute to the ancient Egyptian legend in which the primordial water gives birth to the Lotus, a flower which opened each day with the sunlight and blossomed out to reveal the Sun God Atum. Opens with sunny citrus notes and a lusciously sweet pear that blends with the heart of blossoming lotus, jasmine and ylang ylang. Amber and musk deepen and enrich the base.

Notes: bergamot, lemon, pear, neroli, white lotus, jasmine grandiflorum, ylang ylang, amber, musk

The fine atomizer bottle gently deposits the spray over the hair. Contains conditioning emollients that create a protective film and natural alcohol, leaving hair silky and delicate to the touch.

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