Hallucinex Discovery Set

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The provocative Hallucinex Discovery Set includes 3 x 1.5ml spray samples of Hallucinex DMT, Hallucinex LSD and Hallucinex THC. While NOT psychoactive, these mind-bending fragrances will definitely take you on a completely unexpected trip.

Hallucinex DMT: A blast of indole from jasmine, spiked with the DMT-producing flowers, mimosa and acacia. Musk, burnt plastic and woods lurk in this dizzying, boundary-pushing composition.

Hallucinex LSD: Soft, sweet and dreamy. Lying under a tree in a field of delicate white flowers, puffy clouds passing by. Ever heard the Jimi Hendrix song, One Rainy Wish? That vibe, minus the rose. Listen.

Hallucinex THC: Tangy citrus and bright green leaves burst with freshness. A warm chypre accord with plenty of oakmoss adds a classic undertone to this contrastingly modern cannabis tribute.

Each Hallucinex sample is packaged in a one-hitter sealed pouch, and bundled into an old-school paper pharmacy bag. It makes for an unusual and adorable little gift.

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