Fischersund Discovery Set

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You can experience all of their fragrances with the Fischersund Discovery Set. Housed in a hand-treated tin box made by their father Birgir, this set features their signature fragrances - No. 8, No. 23 and No. 54.

Each bottle is a 5ml mini with spray, and a perfect way to find your new fragrance favorite.

Fischersund No. 8
A floral scent with bursts of tart rhubarb, citrus and crisp pine.

Fischersund No. 23
Smoky and addictive with notes of aniseed, black pepper and tobacco seeds.

Fischersund No. 54
This woody scent is a go-to for its warm and comforting accord of vetiver, patchouli and animalistic musk.

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