Eau de Floride Spirit Water

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An interpretation of the classic formulation of a Florida spirit water with notes of lavender, bergamot, rose, neroli, lemon and clove.

Florida water is a perfumed spirit named after the legendary Fountain of Youth, which is purported to have been located in the southern-most state. From the Middle Ages into the 19th century, perfumed spirits were thought to possess miraculous healing properties and to prevent infection. They were first produced in Europe using essential oils and various plants since medieval times. Florida water was developed much later in the United States and most North American pharmacies and apothecaries produced and sold their own versions. 

This eau de cologne is lighter than an eau de parfum and can be used as a perfume to scent self and home. It may also be used to anoint objects, or in ritual. The combination of herbs and oils can be used to cleanse and purify oneself or space, to set intentions regarding love, luck, protection, and prosperity or use as an aromatherapy spray for relieving anxiety or depression. Its versatility makes it a useful staple in any home and in many ritual practices.

Presented in a 100ml black amethyst glass bottle with a spray nozzle. 

Notes: bergamot, lemon, neroli, lavender, rose and clove.

Ingredients: pure alcohol infused with lavender and rose, rose hydrosol, plant extracts, flower essences and essential oils.

All-natural, vegan fragrance created by Montréal-based perfumer, April Lea.

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