Crystal Pistil

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Crystal Pistil has been discontinued by DS & Durga and is sold out. Samples are still available temporarily.

Add transparent orange blossom water, crystalline flower parts, and dew to any fragrance (or just rock it solo).

Enhancers are a fun way to make transparent fragrances that can be worn alone or layered with whatever someone else is digging at the moment. Perfumer David Moltz wanted to make a soft crystalline perfume that highlighted the humid parts inside of a flower. His muse was a memory of orange blossom water liberally sprinkled in the air upon entering a market on the back streets of Fez in Morocco. Crystal Pistil my attempt to make a light fresh humid flower note last and last in all its crystal glory.

Notes: orange flower water, dew-on-petals, pink pepper, crystal flower parts, paradise, jasmine water, civet tone, white musks and ambrette seeds.

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