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Doceacqua by Masque Milano is a complex and lovely marine-fresh floral bouquet, with mimosa, rose and lily of the valley floating on the coastal Riviera breeze, mingling with a delicate hint of fruit and vanilla.

From Masque Milano:

Nice, 8am. Sunshine and light traffic on the Promenade des Anglais. Here she comes, with the soft top down, and you jump in. As the road unwinds, the view of the gulf suddenly becomes amazing. Her colorful Hermes foulard sweeps with the breeze and you breathe deeply to catch the rich mixture of Cote d’Azur flavors, in their magic blend of floral and marine. She parks in a panoramic spot and draws out of the back of the car a basket with your breakfast. She doesn’t mind sitting on the ground, she bought her lovely dress at the market stalls for a few dollars and it is not worth worrying about.

What a woman! – you think – she can match a few-dollar-dress with such an astonishing pearl necklace. You open a bottle of Beaujolais wine, and lean towards her to pour some wine into her glass. You can’t help stopping pouring wine and close your eyes, as you smell her perfume. So much in line with her, with her style: sweet and mellow, a mixture of flowers and fruit and some hints of vanilla at the bottom.

Perfumer: Delphine Thierry

Notes: coastal breeze accord, muguet, ivy leaves, Mediterranean marjoram, mimosa, almond floral, white rose, ylang ylang, Nosy Be, saffron flower, Virginia cedarwood, benzoin Siam, oakmoss, silky musks

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