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On a trek through an unforgiving desert, starting point and designation are indistinguishable from one another. Terracotta-hued dunes twist and writhe, their shapes are ever-shifting. Only the merciless sun and aloof constellations can be trusted to point the way. Weighed down by treasures – some tempting the eyes with their glittering sheen, others enticing the tastebuds with exotic aromas – the camel plods toward a far off marketplace. Water is but a dream for now, the taste of sweet dates a distant memory. There is nothing but an endless ocean of sand. 

Notes: dried fruits, frankincense, palm date, rose, amber, cedar, cinnamon, incense, jasmine, myrrh, orange blossom, civet*, musk*, sandalwood, oud, tonka, vanilla and vetiver.

* 100% animal-product free.

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