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About the Set

Josh Meyer of Imaginary Authors created The Complete Works, Volume 1 & 2 to celebrate ten years of creating wildly inventive and totally original unisex perfumes. Essentially an anthology of Imaginary Authors perfumes to date, these 16 "titles "are stories imagined and told in a bottle. A delightful add to your perfume library, or as a gift for any perfume-loving-bookworm.

Editors Note: One line summaries just won't do these perfumes justice. We've included a few notes to give you a sense of each scent, and we encourage you to click the links of any that pique your interest to read more about the literal story behind each fragrance. Happy browsing!

What's Inside Volume One:
  • Saint Julep
    sweet mint, bourbon, sugar cube & crushed ice
  • Slow Explosions
    saffron, rose absolute, cashmeran & Arpora night market
  • Sundrunk
    neroli, rhubarb, honeysuckle & your first kiss
  • Telegrama
    lavender absolute, black pepper, teak
  • The Soft Lawn
    linden blossom, fresh tennis balls & clay court
  • The Cobra and The Canary
    lemon, orris, tobacco flowers & leather
  • Whispered Myths
    natural Cambodian oud, cantaloupe, honey & salvaged shipwreck
  • Yesterday Haze
    fig, iris, tree bark, walnut bitters & orchard dust
What's Inside Volume Two: FYI

Set contains 16 x 2ml perfume sample spray vials. The 2-volume set is housed in signature Imaginary Authors book-inspired boxes. Sold as a set.

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