Dark Galleon Candle

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A heady woody and leathery candle inspired by the merchant galleon referenced in NANBAN.

September 1620. Nighttime inside a merchant ship, Nagasaki port.
Within the pitch of the hull, the aroma of lacquered wooden armoires and of trunks full of rare spices, incense and leather, thickens the air with a dark, exotic redolence.

- DARK GALLEON focuses on the moment of disembarkation when the merchant galleon arrives in Nagasaki, the South Island port city where the Spanish and Portuguese had set up camp for trade with the Japanese.

-  The pitch black hull of the galleon was saturated with the scent of spice barrels and trunks full of leather. The smokey notes of tar and cade wood give a mysterious, hypnotizing allure, like dying embers in a bonfire.

Nicole Mancini and Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Malabar black pepper, Persian saffron, black tea accord, Spanish leather, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, styrax, cade

High-concentration scented candle: 8.9 oz / 251 g. Estimated burning time: 55 to 60 hours. 

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