Sacred Scarab

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Composed for Zoologist by renown attar perfumer Sultan Pasha, Sacred Scarab has a vibrant golden opening, a warm resinous soul and a modern take on the vintage chypre drydown. From the brand:

"The dogged prospector strikes gold. Upon discovering a payload rich with nutrients, the scarab returns home. Face down, guided by the sun, it propels the tightly-packed dung backwards to a burrow lined with dusky spheres. Underground, it tunnels into the ball to deposit a precious egg. In time, the larva hatches and feeds, until it emerges, fully formed, and instinct drives it down the same dusty trail to repeat the cycle.

Like Egyptians entrusting sacred mummies to tombs for the journey to the next life, a scarab burying its treasure marks the dawn of new life. Zoologist Sacred Scarab captures the mystique of Kyphi incense, a blend of blue lotus, raisins, plums, olibanum, myrrh and juniper. Once bound with wine and burned in ancient rituals, today this divine scent guides your spirit on a path to discovery and rebirth."

Perfumer: Sultan Pasha

Notes: Aldehydes, lemon, vegan civet, blue lotus accord, wine accord, plum, raisins, olibanum, myrrh, galbanum, cedarwood, juniper, styrax, oakmoss, labdanum, amber, benzoin, musk

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