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"Those moments when scent lingers longer than expected. Warmth and bright new mornings collide when passersby glance, noting something different in the air. Eyes close as they take in dark-roasted coffee, vanilla and amber. Their usual route is abandoned; it's you they follow."

Follow opens with an standout coffee note--smooth, rich and not at all sweet. Assertive and full-roasted, there's also an impression of a splash of hazelnut. As the scent unfolds, the sap note is well balanced by the slightly creamy character of tonka bean. When we come to the dry down, we find a satisfyingly warm amber-y vanilla. 

If Unknown Pleasures is any indication, Kerosene perfumer John Pegg has a particular knack for creating obsession-worthy gourmands. He's certainly put this skill to good use with this latest release. 

Notes: coffee beans, vanilla, benzoin, tonka, sap and amber.

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